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Annual General Meeting

Our AGM was held last Tuesday, 16 November to inform the school community of the next year’s Annual Budget. This is an opportunity for all community members to understand the model used and the various Government Depts as well as school fees making up of our income. The expenditure is clearly set out, of course as one would expect, staff salaries and on-site cost represents a large proportion of the expenditure for the year. Thank you to our many families and staff who were able to attend the meeting.
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Reconciliation - Thursday, 18 November

Father Peter returned to sit with our year three to six students to hear their reconciliation. Thank you and God bless you Father Peter for spending time here at St Elizabeth’s CPS.
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11:00am The Talent Quest

A very big thank you to Evelyn and Amelia, the great organisers of our 2021 Talent Quest! We have so many talented students; dancers, singers, artists, musicians and magicians, we could develop our own travelling troupe! Thank you to our audience, you were active listeners and showed your appreciation. A very long hour and a half, however so rewarding!
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Important Dates

All Activities TBC due to Covid19 Restrictions

Welcome to

St Elizabeth’s, Hocking

Our Vision, Mission and Motto provide the context for the living out our core values and associated principles; Charity, Service, Humility and Compassion.

We aim to;

  • Deliver excellence in education to enable our students to become successful life long learners, responsible citizens, effective communicators and confident individuals.
  • Acknowledge parents as their child’s first educators. They are informed through effective and ongoing communication and encouraged to share the responsibility of their child’s education.
  • Cultivate a safe, secure and happy environment where staff, parents and students work together to maximise our learning potential.
  • Foster an open and welcoming partnership to strengthen relationships, school, parish and the wider community.

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Carmel O’Shaughnessy
Foundation Principal

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