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Great Vegie Crunch

On Thursday, 16 September, the school came together for Crunch N Sip. Instead of fruit, children crunched on vegetables. We timed our munching and achieved ‘crocodile crunches’ on the ‘crunch-o-meter’ app.
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Boys Puberty Workshop

Whilst not all schools hold a ‘Boys Puberty Workshop’, we feel that it is important boys also have the opportunity to share an evening with their Father/Significant male in their life to discuss in depth, some of the changes they will start to experience as they enter the journey from boyhood to manhood.
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Tuesday, 14 September – Catholic Arts, Spirit of the Arts Festival – Forrest Place

Our Year Two Class were absolute performers. They stole the show – every child rose to the occasion and gave their best. Yes, the children were invited back on stage for a second performance. Congratulations and thank you to Robyn, Naomi, Krystal and our parents for the practise and organisation on the day. 
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Important Dates

All Activities TBC due to Covid19 Restrictions

Welcome to

St Elizabeth’s, Hocking

Our Vision, Mission and Motto provide the context for the living out our core values and associated principles; Charity, Service, Humility and Compassion.

We aim to;

  • Deliver excellence in education to enable our students to become successful life long learners, responsible citizens, effective communicators and confident individuals.
  • Acknowledge parents as their child’s first educators. They are informed through effective and ongoing communication and encouraged to share the responsibility of their child’s education.
  • Cultivate a safe, secure and happy environment where staff, parents and students work together to maximise our learning potential.
  • Foster an open and welcoming partnership to strengthen relationships, school, parish and the wider community.

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Carmel O’Shaughnessy
Foundation Principal

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