As a community of learners: parents, staff and students we strive for excellence, fostering the full potential of each individual, developing confident, respectful and independent learners.

Our Staff



Staff Member 


Carmel O’Shaughnessy

Assistant Principal 

Emma Fernandez


Melissa Dimond (Monday and Tuesday)

Claire Didlock (Alt Tuesday, Wednesday to Friday)

Finance Officer 

Melissa Dimond (Wednesday and Thursday)


Peter Reeves

Pre Kindergarten & Kindergarten 

Katie Hastie

Pre Primary 

Simone Passera and Justine O’Malley

Year One 

Kim Manov

Year Two 

Robyn Watson

Year Three 

Jade Baxter

Year Three/Four 

Sue Curtis

Year Five/Six 

Chris Rebeiro

Social Worker 

Justine O’Malley (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Auslan (KG-PP) 

Joan Martino

Auslan (Years 1-6) 


Physical Education (PP-6) 

The Arts (KG-6)

Naomi Clarkson

Science (Years PP-6) 

Tanika Farmer


Allison Burgess

Support – Mini Lit (Years 12) 

Krystal Nguyen

Education Assistants

Joan Martino
Fin Drodz 

Lea Hardie

Caitlyn Irwin 

Carlie Kovacevich 

Joan Martino

Camp Australia 

Krystal Nguyen

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